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Experienced in strong communication 

This is hardly our first round in the media match. With Bulldog Media Group behind us, we have many years of experience in both powerful communication and the machinery behind the scenes. Read more about how we work as a niche sports agency and previously arranged galor.

Det vi kan erbjuda är ett helhetskoncept från topp till tå, i den strategiska, marknadsjuridiska och rent tekniska utformningen. För på den fronten är vi mediala tungviktare – och Bulldog Sports Agency tillhör en viktklass för sig.

Räckvidd i Sverige
Sport Influencers på marknaden
Pricksäker Marknadsföring

Strong Sports Influencers

Values that inspire us

We are a niche sports agency and full service agency. Our athletes represent activity, perseverance and authenticity. It is values that inspire us and something we know inspires many others.

Take your marketing to the next level with the right Influencer.

We help you take the fight

Influencer Marketing in today's climate is a bit like martial arts. With hundreds of thousands of fighters in the ring. To reach out with their marketing and knock out all the resistance requires tireless creativity, digital control and a maximum commitment from the audience.

Bulldog Sports Agency is your Influencer Marketing agency, throughout the process from analysis to measurable results. In order for your particular message to make the whole roof lift.


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